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Me, By Experience

This is the part where I tell you who I am. I don't even know if I've figured that out yet, but I can apparently tell you what I am. I'm a service user. A patient. Some people might call me a victim; others might use the word survivor.  My doctors tell me I have 'schizoaffective' disorder. According to my job title, I'm an ' Expert by Experience '. I've been through trauma. I can experience psychosis. I've been detained. I get paranoid. I disassociate. I get depressed. I hear voices. My name is Nathan Clifford. I don't think any of these things tell you who I am; I can only speak for myself. In this blog, that's exactly what I'll be doing: sharing my own strategies for recovery. It might be something other people find helpful, or it might not. I'm probably not an expert . I'm just me, by experien ce .     @NathanClifford