Me, By Experience

This is the part where I tell you who I am. I don't even know if I've figured that out yet, but I can apparently tell you what I am. I'm a service user. A patient. Some people might call me a victim; others might use the word survivor. My doctors tell me I have 'schizoaffective' disorder. According to my job title, I'm an 'Expert by Experience'. I've been through trauma. I can experience psychosis. I've been detained. I get paranoid. I disassociate. I get depressed. I hear voices.

My name is Nathan Clifford. I don't think any of these things tell you who I am; I can only speak for myself. In this blog, that's exactly what I'll be doing: sharing my own strategies for recovery. It might be something other people find helpful, or it might not. I'm probably not an expert.

I'm just me, by experience.


  1. you are also a valued colleague and friend Nathan - we are proud to have you as one of the team.

  2. You are an amazing and inspiring person who I am proud to be associated with.

  3. You can make a huge contribution - well done on getting this important role. I am one of a number of people, who have been campaigning for transformation at Southern Health since circa. April 2016. I have sent you a longer message via LinkedIn.

    Well done

    1. Hi Crash, Thank you for your message :) I really believe that the Trust is making steps forward. My journey with the trust has been far from perfect and at times in the past they have really let me and my family down. I was extremely skeptical when I first started getting involved with the Transformation, but I honestly believe there are positive times ahead.

      I can't seem to find your email on LinkedIn, I do not really use it much, Feel free to email me at


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