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Stand up to bullying!

My last post was a difficult one to share, as it was incredibly personal and emotional for me to put out there. However, I’m so glad I did, as I’ve been blown away by the supportive comments and positive feedback I’ve received. I found it really interesting to read some of the stories and comments written by others in response, particularly from people who admitted that they had bullied others in the past as a way of dealing with their own problems. I’m so glad that people reached out to contribute to the dialogue regarding bullying and the impact it has. However, in the midst of so much positivity and support, I was devastated to receive an abusive comment on my last blog post. When I first read it, I became paranoid that it had been written by someone I know, hiding behind anonymity. It made me worry that I was making a mistake by putting my thoughts and experiences up on this blog in the first place. I’m determined not to let one nasty comment bring me down that way. I have bee