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Well, the news is that the Transformation Team are officially #DuckPositive! I’m aware that outside a very small circle, that might not mean very much right now, so I’ll explain what it is and why we came up with it.

I love my job, and I’m lucky enough to work with a really positive, collaborative group of people, but sometimes I find the energy and noise of a busy open-plan office difficult to handle. It’s nobody’s fault - we’re a creative, social bunch, and for the most part, that makes work an absolute joy.

I’m sure most people can relate to the problem I’m talking about - when you just need some peace and quiet to focus, without the usual distractions disturbing your focus. Hearing voices makes it that much more difficult to get in the zone with a task or project, and it can make it that much more distressing at times to deal with the additional stimulus of the office.

Like I say, I’m lucky to have a great team to support me with all the challenges my mental health can present, and I also work hard to overcome the feelings of being overwhelmed by outside stimuli. But I’m not the only one who sometimes needs a period of quiet to get on with work undistracted.

In light of Stress Awareness Month, my team are embracing an initiative I’ve put forward to help us support each other when this happens. The idea came from suggesting that I put a rubber duck on top of my monitor when things get a bit too much, so that those around me know I need a little more consideration when it comes to noise levels and interruptions.

However, when I made the suggestion, I found that there were others who liked the idea and thought it could be helpful throughout the office. After all, feeling overwhelmed, distracted, and sensitive to noise isn’t exclusive to those who hear voices or struggle with mental health. We could all use a less stressful work environment at times.

As a result of our discussion, we as an office have decided to create #DuckPositive! We’ll have our own rubber ducks to use in times of need. We know that when we see a duck on someone’s monitor, we can support that person by being a little quieter, keeping interruptions minimal, and just checking in to make sure they’re okay.

I know that I hate the feeling of being singled out or treated differently, so it’s amazing to have the whole team adopt an idea that supports everyone like this. It’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only one to benefit from duck positivity! You don’t always know what others are going through, and it’s good to have a tool in place so that we can give each other subtle gestures that indicate we might need support.

Have a read of the official #DuckPositive description below - If you want to get involve; I have posters and rubber ducks available to distribute to anyone who thinks they might find it helpful - ping me an email and we can get some ducks on their way to you. 

And don't forget to get a picture of your duck up on twitter with #DuckPositive 

I can’t believe what started as a silly way of me maintaining my Mental Health at work has turned into such a positive conversation.

We have decided we would like use this ideas momentum to also do a bit on fund raising for the Brighterway charity - a charity that I have seen make a real difference to people’s lives. There is no obligation to donate at all, but should you wish too, here is a link to the #DuckPositive Just giving page!
I hope you are having a great day!

Duck Tracker update: 26.5.19

What started as a silly way of me maintaining my Mental Health at work, has quickly turned into the #DuckPositve movement. As I explained my idea to a few colleagues in the office, they said how much it would help them also. Having shared the idea even wider - making it into the staff bulletin, #DuckPositive has now made it county wide with a number of people wanting to take part from all over the Trust. 

It has created such a positive momentum, even if it only prompts conversation about how we are feeling at work, it has been a success: Check out the map below for regular updates and duck sightings: 

Ducks In The Press:
  • Massive thank you to Fab NHS Stuff for featuring #DuckPositive on their Website


Feeling stressed at work? Overwhelmed? Working to a deadline? Struggling with concentration in your office?

Try staying #DuckPositive.

Working in a busy office can be a lot to handle, regardless of whether or not you’re dealing with mental health. Sometimes you need a short period of concentration to help you get back on track, but that’s not always easy to find. The office is full of the sounds of other people typing, documents printing, phones ringing… and that’s without being disturbed by that one quick question, or a barrage of emails, or someone stopping by just to see how you are.

It’s kind of them. But sometimes, you need them to let you get in the zone.

That’s where #DuckPositive comes in. Put your little duck up on the top of your monitor, and you’re giving a clear, friendly hint to others that you need a little space to focus. You’re not ignoring your colleagues - you’re just saving your socialisation for an hour or so, ready to come back to the office circle with a fresh burst of energy.
What can you do if you see someone else is #DuckPositive? Give them some space! Don’t disturb them with a question that you know can wait until they take their little duck down again. Try to keep the noise around them down a little - take your personal conversations elsewhere, just for a while. If they catch your eye, give them a smile - show them you’re there if they need support.

No one is advocating staying away from coworkers all day. #DuckPositive only works if it’s used sparingly, when that zone of concentration is needed the most. But when we listen to the signals our colleagues are giving us, we make sure everyone gets the most out of their workday - so stay #DuckPositive!


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