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Two people that saved my life!

Following a discussion on the radio, I felt inspired to update the blog – it’s been a while! The topic was about people that had ‘saved your life.’ Either directly or indirectly. I wanted to share with you two people who have saved my life! While this blog is about those individuals, throughout my time at Southern Health I have been surrounded some extraordinary people that are so full of compassion, kindness and generosity. They have all had such a huge impact on my life and there are certain individuals that really do stand out - but I would be terrified of missing anyone out, so I won’t list them here. Thank you all so much! I have struggled for many years with severe mental illness; with multiple stays in psychiatric hospitals and community care. A diagnosis of Schizoaffective disorder, I have struggled a long time with psychosis and hearing voices. When poorly, I fall into deep delusion, paranoia and become really unwell – sometimes accompanied by deep depression, although d